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of Bon Accord

This lovely tale by Catherine Starmer follows Barrington the Bat whose life changes when a new family move into his house in Swanage. Things are not as bad as Barrington first thinks as he gets to know and love his new people. Featuring beautiful illustrations by local artist Heather Dring this book will captivate and charm all ages. Everyone will love Barrington.

Barrington of Bon Accord is aimed mostly at primary age children (7-12) but would be enjoyed by younger kids and adults too. It is printed in a new dyslexic friendly font called dyslexie.

The book and all other Barrington related souvenirs are available to buy through this website, signed copies are available. If you would like a personalised message please email us at, we are very happy to oblige.

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Reviews for Barrington of Bon Accord

“I love the main character of the story and that he finds the people things difficult....I also love that it is leading up to Christmas."
Ruby, aged 11.

“A good read and very funny. Amazing illustrations. Once you start you just can't stop."
Joshua, aged 10.

“I loved the fun and silliness. I enjoyed the descriptions of the other characters from Barrington's viewpoint, eg ‘the Mum person' and ‘the Hairy Dad person'."
Willoughby, aged 9.

“His mad, batty adventures at Bon Accord made me giggle so much I wished he lived at my house! I loved this story so much I read it from cover to cover without stopping!"
Anna, aged 10.

“Somehow Catherine Starmer’s delightful tale penetrates into our own real and imagined childhoods as she draws us into the chaos and escapades of family life through the eyes of Barrington and little Alice who adopts him.
Reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, this book, with its beautiful hand drawn illustrations, will spark the imagination of any child with a love of animals.”

Lucy Johnston
Health and social affairs editor
Sunday Express

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