All about Bay Bunting Ltd
Heather Dring

Born on the Isle of Wight and now living on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, Heather trained originally as a Landscape Architect. Much of her work is inspired by the Purbeck landscape as well as a love of plants and gardens. Heather has exhibited work regularly at Purbeck Art Weeks since 2012.

"I was very pleased to be asked by Catherine to illustrate her book. The first book I was asked to illustrate was at school to raise money for a local donkey sanctuary! It is always a challange to produce pictures for other people and try to recreate what the other person is hoping for in their mind."

Catherine Starmer

Lives in Swanage and loves Swanage! After graduating from Goldsmiths, London she trained as a French teacher as a career that fitted with her growing young family. Moving from secondary to primary teaching in 2005 Catherine rediscovered her love of storytime, the power of the imagination to calm and to make a little bit of sense of life. She wanted to combine the love of her home, her love of children’s literature and art and the love of her family into a single work. Barrington of Bon Accord represents the beginning.

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